Background of the creation of the Judicial and Bar Council


     Before the 1987 Constitution, a good number of citizens, bar associations and civic organizations, and mass media, especially, expressed dissatisfaction over the nation’s system of dispensing justice with a vehemence that reached new heights, considering, (1) a persistently staggering backlog; (2) lazy, dishonest and incompetent members of the judiciary; (3) cumbersome procedures; and (4) dilatory tactics of litigants and lawyers.

Vision of the JBC

A JBC that is independent, efficient and a proactive sentinel of judicial service, guided only by the principles of integrity, excellence and competence; unfettered by the shackles of friendship, relationship, or other considerations, thus vesting the cloak of Magistracy on those who will best dispense justice for all.

Mission of the JBC1

  • To  recommend appointees to the Judiciary only persons of proven competence, integrity, probity and independence;
  • To enhance the quality of the search, screening and selection processes of the Council;
  • To speed up the processing of applications for vacancies especially for salas with heavy caseload;
  • To promote transparency and public awareness of matters involving the nomination process in the Council;
  • To insulate the nomination process from undue influence of any kind.


1 Formulated during the 2007 JBC Strategic and Operations Planning Workshop.

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