Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)
Reminder for new users
Please use the name that appears in your Certificate of Bar Membership.
Why can I not change my name, sex, roll number, date of roll signing, etc. in the JBC ORAS?

Fields that have similar information necessary in creating a Philippine Judiciary Platform account have been auto-populated. These data have been reviewed and verified by the Office of the Bar Confidant (OBC) and cannot be changed by the applicants themselves. Should you wish to change and/or update the said information, please coordinate with the OBC to facilitate the processing of the same.

What “other names” should I indicate?

This field appears for married females. Depending on the name that appears in your Certificate of Bar Membership, please indicate either your married name or your maiden name.

Can someone fill out in my behalf?

Yes, although please be reminded that the Personal Data Sheet (PDS) that will be generated contains an undertaking that all the information therein are true and correct and complete as to your personal knowledge and authentic records.

Why can I not go to the next part of the profile?

There are mandatory/required fields that have to be filled up before you can move on to the next session.

How to check input data?

The JBC ORAS has a feature that allows you to preview all your input data and is made accessible after completely filling out the mandatory fields in the system and before you generate the same into PDS format. To access this feature, click the preview button above the generate PDS button.

How to edit input data while checking the data preview?

Click the edit button on the upper right portion to access the particular section you are reviewing so that you can edit the input data.

Can I still edit the input data even after the PDS has been generated?

Yes, you can still edit your data after a PDS has been generated. Simply edit the necessary information and generate a new PDS. The printed PDS reflects the date and time it was generated.

Do I still have to notarize the generated PDS?

Yes, you do. Once generated, you have to print the PDS and have it notarized before uploading it into the system.

Do I still submit hard copies of documentary requirements?

Yes, after your submission has been verified as to its completeness, you will receive an alert on your JBC O.R.A.S. dashboard, as well as an email to your registered email account, that you are to submit one (1) copy of the originals of your documentary requirements unless otherwise provided in the Announcement of Vacancies (the ‘Announcement’).

When do I send hard copies?

You will be advised as to the particular period you are to submit your hard copies. Kindly refer to the Announcement and to the alert and email you received regarding its submission.

Can I just submit the hard copies without making a profile?

No. All applicants must register in the Philippine Judiciary Portal, access and create a profile in the online system, upload the necessary documentary requirements therein, and submit an application online to facilitate his/her application. Applicants who do not submit through the JBC O.R.A.S. will not be considered.

Is there a technical requirement for the documents to be uploaded?

Yes, each document that shall be uploaded must not exceed 10 Megabytes (10 MB) and should be in Portable Document Format (PDF).

How do I resize/compress a file?

You may use a PDF Compressor (the ‘compressor’) of your choice to resize/compress your PDF documents. However, since you will be using a third-party application or program, it is highly advised that you read the terms and conditions provided therein before agreeing to resize/compress your documents.

How do I convert my word document to pdf?

To convert a word document to pdf, please follow the steps below:

  1. If the file was previously saved, select File > Save a Copy. If the file is unsaved, select File > Save As.
  2. Select Browse to choose the location on your computer where you want to save the file.
  3. In the drop-down list, select PDF.
  4. Select Save.

How do I convert photo or jpeg to pdf?

Applicants may use an Image Converter (the ‘converter’) of your choice to convert your photo images or jpeg files (the ‘photo files’) to PDF. However, since you will be using a third-party application or program, it is highly advised that you read the terms and conditions provided therein before agreeing to convert your photo files.

How do I check what document was uploaded?

The JBC ORAS has a quick document preview in the documentary requirements section so that applicants can ensure that the correct document was uploaded to the particular field. Click on the eye icon beside the uploaded document to view the same.

How do I change an uploaded document?

If the document uploaded is incorrect, click on the ‘trash’ icon beside the uploaded document to delete the same. After deleting, simply choose the field of the document you want to replace and choose a new file to upload therein.

How come the list of courts I can apply to is different from the published list of court vacancies?

The courts that you can apply to have been automatically filtered by the system depending on your age and the number of years you have been engaged in the practice of law as of the date of nomination.

How do I check the status of my application?

You will be able to check the status of your application in the JBC O.R.A.S. dashboard by simply scrolling down to see the “Track your existing applications” portion.

How do I ensure that my profile cannot be accessed by anybody else?

The Management Information Systems Office has integrated security features in the system that shall ensure the protection of your data from third-party breach or access. Nonetheless, it is recommended that you also incorporate personal security measures such as providing for a strong password and a distinct security question to prevent any third-party breach or access. Moreover, it is likewise recommended that you avoid sharing your sign-in/log-in details with other persons.

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