The JBC Seal


          The  Judicial and Bar Council  (JBC) seal was chosen from the different seals designed by the website designers of the Supreme Court Management Information Systems Office. It was during the stint of  then JBC Ex Officio Chairperson and Chief Justice Artemio V. Panganiban when it was approved. It was first displayed during the launching of the website on 21 April 2006.


         The JBC is the constitutional body of the Republic of the Philippines that submits to the President nominees  for all Members  of the Judiciary, the Ombudsman, all Deputy Ombudsmen, Special Prosecutor, and the Chairperson and Regular Members of the  Legal Education Board. Hence, the background of the seal is the Philippine flag with equal bands of royal blue and scarlet red; the sun with its eight rays;  and the three stars which represent the three (3) main islands of Luzon, Visayas and Mindanao.  


        The scales of justice in the JBC seal epitomize two (2) facets: (1) the Supreme Court of the Philippines,  which has administrative supervision over the Judicial and Bar Council; and (2) the process of selection,  which  must be an impartial weighing of the qualifications of applicants.The  constitutional mandate to submit a list of at least three nominees to the President for every vacant  post is represented by the scroll and the feather pen in the JBC seal.







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